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Fundamentals of Woodworking

Fundamentals of Woodworking

Normally 6 sessions    Total: 18+ hours    Class limit: 6   Cost: $270

In this course, you will learn the basics of machine and hand tool woodworking.  Topics include selecting and preparing wood; joinery of various kinds including hand cut dovetails (and machine cut if you prefer); fitting pieces in a precise way; face frame cabinets construction; making panel doors; finishing; hinge mounting; and sharpening tools.  Work outside of class is assigned to complete the project and encouraged to achieve more from this class.  The project for this class  is the Country Hanging Cabinet from our friends at Popular Woodworking magazine at about 2/3 the size of the unit pictured - ours will be 20” by 14” (Spice Cabinet size).  Machines which will be used include table saw, router table, jointer, planer,  compound miter saw, and sharpening equipment.  Hand tools you will use include hand plane,  hand scraper, chisels, marking gauges, try squares, and more. Tools purchased from an approved list at Woodcraft will receive a 15% discount.  A tool list and introductory letter is sent to each student about 2 weeks prior to the start date.

Personal statement of Jim Stafford:  “In this class, I am trying to convey many of the basic principles of woodworking.  I feel it’s important to know how to use key hand tools to augment the power tools.  In this way you will get the most from your power tools.  Once you have completed this class you will have the skills to build any sized carcass based project.  You will need to practice, practice, practice to achieve a “fine furniture” status in your work, but you will have the basic skills when you finish this course.  At least, that is my motivation for doing this course.”

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Cabinet Exterior Interior View Dimensions

If you’ve never built a face-frame cabinet, learn the tricks that ensure a square case, tight joints and doors that swing easily as you build this small cabinet.

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