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Introduction to Woodworking

Introduction to Woodworking

1 session    Total: 3 hours    Class limit: 12   Cost: $45

Are you perhaps thinking about taking up woodworking as a hobby?  Are you not always sure of the proper way to use and get the most from a certain power tool you now own such as the table saw, planer, jointer, router and bandsaw?  Are you not even sure what a jointer is used for?  Then this presentation may be just for you.  In Introduction to Woodworking, I will give short demonstrations on all those power tools and several more.  Special emphasis will be on safety but you will also see a few "tricks" on each tool such as how to flatten a board too wide for your jointer,  so this seminar is not just for the novice woodworker.  We will also discuss a few hand tools such as the hand plane, the card scraper (and how to sharpen this most useful but little known tool), unique measuring and marking tools, and I’ll even make a zero clearance plate and splitter for the table saw right before your very eyes!  Yes, it's only 3 hours but it will be packed and a detailed handout will be provided.  Please bring safety glasses for this one as the "chips will fly"!

Phone: 770-993-9500