Routercraft Series

About the Routercraft Series

The router is fast becoming the most useful and versatile tool in the shop.  Why not learn how to get the full potential from yours?  Join RouterCraft and become a “router craftsman” in this series of very useful classes. The RouterCraft program is a three part - teaching, demonstration, and in Routercraft III, hands-on, experience covering the basics of router selection, usage, and technique presented in 6 two hour sessions. Routercraft I and II may be taken singly, in any order, or concurrently, but participants in Routercraft III must have completed at least one of the two prerequisite classes (Routercraft I or II).  Students must bring safety glasses to all classes.  Dust masks and hearing protectors are optional.

We now have a  separate web page devoted to the Routercraft subject.  Click on the link below to go there.  On these pages you will find interesting online tips for getting the most of your router.  Some information is taken from our classes to give you an idea of the detail we cover in the Routercraft classes and some info appears only on the site.  Good luck with your router!

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