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Jim and His Routers RouterCraft II

RouterCraft - The Basic Router

2 sessions 3 hours each   Total: 6 hours    Class limit: 16   Cost: $95
For more information on the RouterCraft series, click here

Session I -Types of routers and their uses will be discussed in detail including setting up the routers, making-accurate cuts, and which router to use when.  Students will learn how to make fundamental cuts such as dado, groove, rabbit, and circle cutting.  Various jigs will be demonstrated.  Information will be provided for the student to make his or her own jigs.  Proper safety precautions will be thoroughly covered.  The time to make aggressive cuts and when to make the more difficult climb cut are a part of this class.  At least two-dozen “tips” will be presented and a summary handout will provide a future reference to take home.  The “Cheater” router base will be explained in detail.  Router bit choices and selections will be covered, as will bushing guides and bearing equipped bits.  An elementary coverage of the router table is part of this class.  Students will be given the opportunity to make many of the cuts, but this is not a “hands on” class in the usual sense.

Students Must Bring: Personal safety equipment – Routercraft  requires eye protection.

Session 2 -   In this class, students will be introduced to more advanced uses of the router such as dovetailing, raised panel doors, mortising, and inlay methods.  Numerous tips will offer the student several ways to save money.  Of particular emphasis in this class is the router table.  Every aspect of tables from “building your own” to useful ideas for commercial product improvement will be included.  Here we discuss fences (for example: how to convert an Incra ultra system to a full router fence- note: the link shown here is from Popular Woodworking magazine and describes a fixture for the table saw.  We disagree with this project for its intended purpose but the plans are excellent for adapting the Incra fence to a full router table fence which we cover in this class) and alternative methods for raising panels.   We’ll also cover that pesky Lock Miter bit (see above right).  Some students  may use the instructor's routers during certain demonstrations but this is not a hands on class.

Students Must Bring: Personal safety equipment – Routercraft  requires eye protection

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